Specifications Product Name:

BIG Red Wine-Pac – Made in the U.S.A.

Product Compatibility:

Water, Wine, Edible Oils, Food and Beverages, Industrial and Petroleum Products, Pharmaceuticals, and Agricultural Commodities.

Materials Properties:

Flexitank is manufactured with two layers of film. Specifications below are per each layer.

Two Inner Layers Co-extruded Low Linear Density Polyethylene / EVOH Film
Test Method Imperial Metric
Thickness, Mils (305 Microns) ASTM D-5199 12 mils ,3 mm
Tensile Strength ASTM D-882 31,1 lbf 54 N
Elongation (%) ASTM D-882 715% 715%
Graves Tear ASTM D-1004 7,4 lbf 33 N
Puncture Resistance ASTM D-4833 29,5 lbf 131 N
Impact Resistance (dart) ASTM D-1709(B) Minimum 900g Minimum 8,8 N
Oxygen Transfer ASTM D-3985 0,2467 cc/100 in 2day 3,824 cc/m2/day
Effective Temp. Range 180°F to – 70°F 82C° to -57°C


 Outer Woven High Density Polypropylene Cover (240 gr/m2):
Test Method Imperial
Tear Strength Warp RED (N) ASTM D-4533-04 989
Tear Strength Warp BLACK (N) ASTM D-4533-04 1,372
Tear Strength Weft (N) ASTM D-4533-04 1,028
Tensile Strength Warp RED (psi) ASTM D-882-10 9,388
Tensile Strength Warp BLACK (psi) ASTM D-882-10 12,35
Tensile Strength Weft (psi) ASTM D-882-10 9,233
Elongation Warp (%) ASTM D-4632-08 21
Elongation Weft (%) ASTM D-4632-08 15

All component materials comply with FDA and EU regulations and directives. The Barrier flexitank is constructed with a high strength multi-layer tubing containing a very effective gas barrier layer to protect oxygen sensitive products or for added resistance to migration of oils and solvents. It is produced from 100% virgin grade resins and contains FDA compliant resins in the outer layers.

Manufactured to ISO 9001-2008 standards.  Meets and Exceed Container Owner Association Testing Criteria (LINK PLAATSEN)!. Click on the link, or see the movies on the right side of your screen.

Connection Valve Type:  Valve Flange
3″ Ball Valve Flow Rate:
FDA Polypropylene with Cam-lock Fitting 1012 Liters/Minute

Flange / Valve

  • Patented compression fitted flange and valve made of composite material and manufactured to FDA standards for greater product compatibility
  • Anti-suction feature incorporated into flange design
  • 3” ball-valve for increased loading and unloading rates

 Flange type: FDA Polyproylene Compression Flange.

Dimensions: (Packaged Flexitank in a Box) Tare Weight dependent on fleixtank size:
114cm x 51cm x 58cm (L x W x H) 51-56 kgs
45in x 20in x 23in (L x W x H) 113-124 lbs

 The product warranty shall be void in the event that the flexitank is not filled within + / – 500 liters of the flexitank size.