EPT Packaging Europe B.V.

EPT Packaging Europe B.V., a subsidiary of Environmental Packaging Technologies, Inc., is established in June 2009 by Peter van Schaik. EPT provides global bulk packaging solutions for the transportation and storage of non-hazardous, flowable products. EPT is the developer of the BIG RED flexitanks, which can be seen as the most advanced flexitank on the market.

EPT Europe’s new office / depot expansion of warehouse-fitting depot in Oostvoorne  is located close to 1 of the world’s largest container ports Maasvlakte/Delta Terminal, the Port/Harbour of Rotterdam as well as close to cool storage depots.
At our sub depot / warehouse in Oostvoorne we handle services for fitting our liquirides/flexitanks in (reefer) containers.

Our warehouse/fitting depot Rotterdam still remains at EPT Packaging Europe, p/a Progeco depot, Bunschotenweg 134, 3089 KC  Rotterdam.

With these two locations we give our customers more options/possibilities. EPT Packaging Europe B.V. serves the regions Europe, Middle East and South Africa.

The addition of this facility allows EPT to provide immediate products and services to our growing customer base in the same timezone. EPT BV’s central warehouse in Rotterdam can store 4.000 flexitanks and offers full fit/load facilities as well as container selection and transloading services.

We’ve certified 80 EPT fitters and 10 master fitters in Europe to ensure quality installations of our products.

In addition to sales efforts, the Rotterdam office also manages the EPT European, Middle East and South African network of agents and depots spanning 12 countries. “EPT has spent a tremendous amount of time and effort in Europe training and certifying our network of over 30 flexitank sub-depots/fitting stations, each with an inventory based on direct available needs.” states Mr. van Schaik, “In all, we’ve certified 80 EPT fitters and 10 master fitters in Europe to ensure quality installations of our products.”