Meet our BIG Red flexitank

Discover the BIG RED difference

Full of innovation

Passed all required testing criteria like C.O.A. and others

The only Flexitank system that doesn't take advantage of the container doors

The Flexitank

The only Flexitank with Strength Bands woven
into outer polypropylene sleeve for added reinforcement

With a seamless outer cover of polypropylene
(works like an armour for greater strength
durability and protection, secured to avoid overstretching)

Available in a variety of sizes up to 24.000 liters

The Swept-bar Bulkhead

Designed to meet the high performance demands and
safety regulations of railroad authorities worldwide

Protects valve from container door

Reusable and returnable

Multi Ply Inner Layers

2-ply of 14 mil proprietary PE and EVOH films

Suitable for food-grade, pharmaceutical and
chemical products

3" Bottom Valve

True 3" valve for increased loading and unloading rates

Patented compression fitted flange and valve made of FDA
approved composite material for greater product
compatibility chemical products

Optional Wear Sleeve

Unique Barrier Wear Sleeve protects
flexitank and protects your product

Extremely durable and protects the bottom and sides of the
flexitank against poor container conditions

Integrated snout encloses valve after filling to
protect it from odor or vapor migration

Welcome at EPT Packaging EuropeEPT BIG Red flexitank

EPT Packaging Europe B.V., a subsidiary of Environmental Packaging Technologies, Inc. is a leading global liquid bulk packaging company providing innovative packaging solutions for the transport and storage of liquid bulk products. Located close to 1 of the world’s largest container ports Maasvlakte/Delta Terminal, the Port/Harbour of Rotterdam as well as close to cool storage depots., the EPT Packaging Europe BV office serves as the European headquarters of EPT. EPT Packaging Europe B.V. serves the regions Europe, Middle East and South Africa.

We offer a complete range of services, including: packaging supply/installation, loading and unloading, product transfer, delivery coordination, product stewardship, removal-disposal-recycling, and full logistics services. Our global network of offices and agents are ready to provide you with outstanding customer service and immediate emergency response anywhere in the world.

EPT leads the industry in innovation and technology. We are committed to providing our customers with the most state-of-the-art packaging solutions available in the market. Our products are engineered and tested to surpass the highest standards and requirements in the industry.

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Meet our BIG Red Flexitank

Choosing a BIG Red Flexitank™ for your bulk liquid transportation needs means you’ve chosen a flexitank with extensive research, design and development hours behind it.

EPT has developed a the BIG Red Flexitank that satisfies the logistics needs of your needs, maintains the integrity of the container and is better able to withstand the demands of shipment by road, rail or sea. This is proven by several tests. And not only proven by tests, but also by experience in the last five years.

The important value that is included in the BigRed Flexitank package is the personal service with fitting, loading- and discharge to let the customer feel the product and not only buy the product.

Before you buy; compare!

As we say: compare, but NOT only in price! BIG Red Flexitanks are made in the U.S.A. to ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing and quality control standards. Our materials and processes are put through rigorous testing, both internally and with globally recognized organizations and institutions.

Our BIG Red Flexitank is in a league of its own and is designed for performance, safety, and durability.

The only flexitank that comes as a complete full package!

Our flexitank comes as a complete package: Flexitank, set of bars , bulkhead panel and a wear sleeve.

Barrier Wine Pac

EPT’s Barrier Wine-Pac™ is customized to meet the specific requirements of the wine industry. Includes Dual Layer Barrier Technology and performance features only available in BIG Red Flexitanks™.

Unique Barrier Wine-Pac Construction

  • Dual tubular layers comprised entirely of food grade barrier film. Combined layers achieve an OTR rating of <0.0003cc/100in2/day Max.
  • Incorporates ‘strength bands’ woven into the outer polypropylene sleeve to stabilize liquid dynamics
  • Compression fitted flange with new anti-suction design for ease of unloading and maximum discharge
  • Made in the U.S.A. to strict ISO 9001:2008 standards
  • Meets all Container Owners Association Code of Practice requirements for flexitanks

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